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The Barrios Employee Awards and Recognition (BEAR) Team recently awarded five employees the Silver Quality Award. The BEAR Silver Quality Award is presented to 1% of Barrios employees each quarter whose contributions are so significant as to merit special recognition by their peers. Sandy Johnson, President of Barrios Technology, made the presentations to the following.

Miriam Sargusingh, Systems Engineer (ESC)
Nominated by: Raul Blanco, NASA/EA
Miriam Sargusingh supports Constellation EVA Systems Engineering. She is a critical contributor to this team and acts as the deputy to the Lead Systems Engineer. The EVA Systems Project could not have executed a successful Systems Requirements Review without her leadership and efforts. Mrs. Sargusingh also represents the EVA Systems Project for all Requirement Analysis Cycles and Design Analysis Cycles to the Constellation Program. In this role, she coordinates all trade studies and analysis for all providers to include the Engineering Directorate and Space Life Sciences Directorates. Her knowlege of life support hardware, systems engineering, and analysis tools and methods are second to none and have been key factors in the Project's success. Mrs. Sargusingh's products are always of the highest caliber, her technical excellence is second to none, and her dedication to mission success is evident by her continous night and weekend work that is required to meet deadlines. Mrs. Sargusingh is a credit to Barrios, the ESC contract, and will be a key factor in getting EVA footsteps on the Moon again.

Dan Jackson, Senior Principal Engineer (SPOC)
Nominated by: Brian McDonald, NASA/DF2
During discussions with DA8 personnel regarding the CAIB report, the flight director’s office identified a concern with missing vehicle data due to periods where the ISS telemtry signal is lost (LOS - Loss of Signal). Due to the 24/7 nature of ISS operations these LOS are more frequent and of longer duration then with the Space Shuttle so this missing data is even more critical. Normally vehicle data is recorded on board the ISS during these LOS periods but this data was not routinely downlinked to the ground due to the operator intensive commanding required. Dan developed a concept to automate the playback of LOS data so that the ground would have a complete record of the vehicle data for analysis in the case of anomalies or accidents without impacting the Communications and Tracking Officers’ (CATO) workload. The success of this new tool is directly attributable to Dan's dedication, perserverance and relentless pursuit of new ways of doing buisness that improves the efficiency of operations. To quote the CATO group lead "This project was a tremendous accomplishment and will significantly reduce the C&T on-console workload." and "Dan developed the vision of AutoORM. This vision is now a reality!".

Joe Parani, Electrical Power System Instructor (SPOC)
Nominated by: Ryan Lien, NASA/DT4
Over the last five years Joe Parani has demonstrated vigorous leadership and diplomacy while representing NASA as the ISS Training Division (DT) American Segment Trainer (AST) project lead. Joe has been instrumental in defining the AST as it exists today, making it available and a allowing it to become a valuable commodity for all the International Partners within their home countries. The AST allows the partners to train crew members with a US Segment Part Task Trainer (PTT) coupled with their own homologous simulator that increase the realism of the training environment. Joe spearheaded the effort to define and pull together the requirements needed for all of the Space Station Partners. This included the two separate agencies within the Russian Space Agency (RSA), GCTC and RSC-Energia, in addition to the European Space Agency (ESA) and JAXA. Today all the ISS Partners can count on the AST as a training asset and attribute its success to Joe's diligent and passionate commitment to bring the highest quality opportunities to every space agency in the ISS program around the world.

Daniel Stevens, Engineer (SPOC)
Nominated by: Dan Jackson, Barrios/DF23
Daniel distinguished himself and Barrios through outstanding innovation in developing the DF Division's Standardized Activity Report macro. For his accomplishment, Daniel received DF's STAR Award and was recognized both at DF Systems Issues meeting and in the DF activity report. His new design adds five of the most helpful buttons that include an automatic NASA acronym lookup, automated paragraph header standardization, automatic personnel lookup and assorted tool bar options. Further, his formatting structures permit each Group Lead to easily assimilate all of the employee inputs into a consolidated product for review or incorporation into the DF activity report. In addition to developing the Division Activity Report macro, he leads CATOs effort to coordinate the Station Program Notes so that all data display anomalies are fully documented and pursued. He breezed through his AVENGER (Video Specialist) certification and is completing his STARCOM (communications specialist) certification in fast-track time.

Robert Stonestreet, Senior Engineer (MIC)
Nominated by: Lee Silveira, Barrios/OC42
Robert is an ISS On-Orbit Stowage planning engineer and is responsible for the ISS increment-to-increment planning of on-orbit stowage capabilities and requirements. During ISS Increment 16 planning activities, Robert discovered the ISS Program’s assembly plan was not feasible. His discovery came about because his engineering intuition, attention to detail and a thorough approach in asking the right questions led him to conclude that essential hardware was not available to support assembly plans. Robert’s investigative nature was above and beyond the scope of his responsibilities. The ISS Mission Integration and Operations Office Manager, Kenny Todd, sent the following thank you note to Robert: "Robert, during one of our tag-ups, Suzan Voss brought to my attention you were the major player in discovering that the center line berthing camera system (CBCS) target used to relocate PMA3 would not be available for the relocation of PMA2. I really appreciate your diligence and commitment to the stowage task and as we continue to amass more and more hardware on-orbit, I suspect we'll come to count on you and the rest of the stowage team even more."

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