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Return / Barrios Highlights Health and Safety Programs and JSC Event

Sharon Kemp and Tiki Brackens highlight four Barrios Safety Programs at the Barrios booth during the JSC Contractor Affairs Safety Committee Meeting held at JSC's Gilruth facility in November.


Barrios Safety Representatives Sharon Kemp and Tiki Brackens recently participated in JSC’s Contractor Affairs Safety Committee (CASC) Meeting held on November 8. JSC Contractors demonstrated “Safety Best Practices” in a speed dating venue where attendees had five minutes to go to each booth and learn about each contractor’s best safety practices or innovative ideas.

Kemp and Bracken highlighted four of Barrios’ safety initiatives including “The Barrios Beacon” Safety & Health Newsletter “Shining the Light on Safety & Health”, the BarriosCares Emergency Reporting System, Paying Attention To Safety (PATS) by Paying it Forward program, and Nutritious Mondays program.

The BarriosCares Emergency Reporting System is a website available during emergencies to provide a central location for employees to check-in and for managers to track their status in real time. BarriosCares is also where employees find current information in the event of a facility closure.

PATS - Pay it Forward and Nutritious Mondays are two new health and safety programs. Pay it Forward is a employees nominate co-workers to receive a “Paying It Forward” award for performing a safe act. The employee receives a $1 coin “It Pays To Be Safe”. Nutritious Mondays is a program where snacks are provided focusing on starting the week with healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables.
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