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Return / Barrios Employees Recognized With NASA's Silver Snoopy Award

Astronauts Jeff Williams and Kathleen (Kate) Rubins presented Barrios Technology employee Rebecca Difard with the Silver Snoopy Award for her support of NASA’s space program. Pictured from left are Rubins; Williams; Difard; Ali Difard; Jessica Difard; Patrick Difard; and Lauri Hansen, NASA-JSC Chief of Staff.

Astronauts Jeff Williams and Kathleen (Kate) Rubins presented Barrios Technology employee Scott Paul with the Silver Snoopy Award for his support of NASA’s space program. Pictured from left are Rubins; Williams; Paul; Hannah Paul; Kathleen Paul; Deanna Dumesnil, Barrios Manager; Sean Fuller, NASA-JSC; and Lauri Hansen, NASA-JSC Chief of Staff.

Barrios employees Rebecca Difard and Scott Paul were recently honored with NASA’s prestigious Silver Snoopy, in recognition of their support of NASA’s space program at Johnson Space Center.
Becky Difard was recognized for her diligence and outstand efforts in transitioning the Joint Cargo Certification Team (JCCT) from a bi-lateral team with Russia and the U.S. to a multi-lateral team for all International Partners (IPs). This transition required the modification, development, and negotiation of processes, that was acceptable to each IP, for the analysis and packing of hardware for launch on all vehicles and stowage on-orbit. Difard was instrumental in leading the modification of operational requirements and documents as well as developing concepts for managing to JCCT data. Her efforts reduced risks while improving safety and reliability for hardware during both launch and on-orbit contributing to mission success.
Scott Paul was recognized for the development of two innovative tools, a Crew Rotation and Port Utilization Graphic, and Flight Program Historical Records. Paul’s extensive knowledge of the ISS enabled him to perform critical analysis and assessments to identify impacts to ISS vehicle traffic planning requirements, including vehicle launch, dock, and undock dates; crew size; crew rotation; port utilization; mission, increment, and docked durations; docking altitudes; and high-level manifest. From these analysis and assessments, he developed the Crew Rotation and Port Utilization Graphic which changed the way vehicle traffic planning is documented and communicated.   Paul proactively developed a set of Flight Program Historical records in both tabular form as well as an easy to use graphic. This new information has been included on the Flight Program Working Group website as an aid to customers seeking historical information and to reduce the number of special requests for data that Flight Program personnel were receiving on a regular basis.
Astronauts Jeff Williams and Kathleen (Kate) Rubins, presented the award, which is known by its identifying character from the Charles Schulz comic strip “Peanuts”. The Silver Snoopy Award is the astronaut’s personal award for safety and is presented to less than one percent of NASA and contractor employees for their professionalism, dedication and outstanding support that greatly enhances flight safety and mission success during the Space Shuttle program.

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