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Return / Barrios Employees Receive 3rd Quarter 2011 Silver BEAR Awards

Laurie Bradshaw and Chris Getteau were presented with 3rd Quarter Silver Bear Awards. Pictured from left are Sandy Johnson, Barrios President and CEO; Getteau; Bradshaw; Greg Dorth, Deputy Manager, Mission Integration and Operations.

Renee Clokey was presented with a 3rd Quarter Silver Bear Award. Pictured from left are Mark Kirasich, MPCV Deputy Program Manager; Sandy Johnson, Barrios President and CEO; Clokey; and Charlie Lundquist, MPCV Crew and Service Module Lead.


Barrios Technology recognized four employees with the quarterly Silver BEAR Award. Each of these employees provided a high level of expertise in their jobs supporting NASA’s Space Shuttle and Space Station programs. Employees recognized for the third quarter of 2011 included Laurie Bradshaw, Renee Clokey, Chris Getteau, and Tricia Pittman.

Laurie Bradshaw, a book manager with the Mission Integration Contract (MIC), was recognized her outstanding support to Space Station Increments 29 and 30. When the Increment 29 start date was accelerated, Bradshaw's management of the Increment Definition and Requirements Document along with her dedication and innovative initiatives allowed the Increment 29 and 30 team to meet critical control board approval dates and support readiness reviews. Bradshaw’s nomination citated that she “dedicated herself to meeting this challenge by working long hours and weekend days,” in order to meet the team’s compressed schedule.

Renee Clokey, a planning analyst with the Orion Program Integration Contract, was recognized for three-plus years of outstanding service to building, maintaining and analyzing plans for NASA’s Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle’s (MPCV) Crew and Service Module. Renee is a recognized subject matter expert by the MPCV management and been asked to expand her role as a leader during NASA’s transition period especially related to work completed during August through October 2011.

MIC Video Engineer, Chris Getteau, was recognized for his leadership in producing and coordinating Shuttle post flight videos for STS-13, STS-134, and STS-135. These videos illustrate the success and synergy between the Shuttle and Space Station programs as well as documenting the historical role Shuttle had in building the International Space Station. Chris’ nomination noted that his “dedication and creativity, under a difficult schedule, resulted in outstanding post flight videos for the final three flights of the Shuttle program.”

Tricia Pittman, a Huntsville employee working on the Teledyne Brown Payload Operations Contract, was recognized for her outstanding leadership and enthusiasm in providing a successful experience for the Kids in Micro-g and Legos Space Station payload operations experiments. Pittman’s background in education provided her the understanding and importance in stimulating children to become more interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Pittman jumped many hurdles to educate these payload teams in Space Station operations while producing products in a short turn-around time to get the experiments on-board the station.



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