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Government Services / Software Engineering & Integration

Software Development Integration Lab

UNIX Systems, Network Management

Hardware Integration and Testing

Software Engineering & Integration
Building upon three decades of Barrios’ experience in managing software, hardware, and computer/network infrastructures, we currently provide software engineering and integration skills in support of government and commercial space vehicles. Our engineers and technical professionals provide expertise in infrastructure development and design, configuration management, full software lifecycle methodology, network administration and Information Technology (IT) security management. These skills support avionics and simulation software design and development and lab configuration and administration. In addition, we have a rich history of developing process improvement and process automation tools resulting in the savings of thousands of labor hours.
Avionics Software Design & Development   Barrios provides technical leadership to on-orbit flight and ground software development teams as well as software engineers responsible for designing, developing, maintaining, and testing all U.S. On-Orbit Segment (USOS) avionics and software for the International Space Station (ISS). Software developed provides capabilities to communicate with and guide, navigate, control and command the ISS. 
Simulation Software Design & Development  Barrios designs, develops and tests simulation software.   Our engineers have knowledge in all aspects of avionics software to build and deliver simulation software and test environments for on-orbit software. Our Simulation Software team uses best-of-industry practices for the testing and integration of flight software and hardware in support of the ISS. 
Lab Design, Configuration & Administration   Barrios provides both horizontal and vertical rig management for ISS Multiplexer/DeMultiplexer (MDM) configurations. Labs supported provide development, simulation and test environments for flight software.
Hardware/Software Integration & Testing  Our Hardware/Software Integration team provides systems engineering and testing, design integration, and conducts hardware and software integration to ensure operational compatibility and integrity.  Beginning with early integration testing and ending with system testing on the flight article, the team performs risk mitigation testing throughout the hardware and software development phase. Our risk mitigation testing identifies interface issues between hardware and software as early as possible to reduce the cost of corrections.
Formal Qualification Testing Our engineers and technical staff perform Formal Qualifications Testing for all developed avionics software. Activities include development of test plans, procedures which verify, validate, and trace ISS software requirements, from specifications through design and delivery of the capability.
Web Application Software DDT&E  Barrios designs, develops, tests, sustains and supports web applications used to track ISS configurations, manifests, on-orbit activities, consumable resources, and other items.  Barrios teams create applications following AS9100-compliant, structured software lifecycle processes for requirements and design. The process also includes formal code development, peer review, unit and regression testing, and customer acceptance.
Hardware Specifications, Design & Configuration Barrios’ hardware design engineers perform all engineering functions to support the flight software infrastructure components (network, cabling, racks, subassemblies, firmware controllers, computers) including drawing production, detailed hardware design, manufacturing support, procurement, and installation/integration of internal and external development products.
System, Database & Network Design and IT Security Barrios system administrators are responsible for installing, supporting, and maintaining Windows and UNIX based servers, planning for and responding to service outages, and project management for systems-related projects. Our database administrators are responsible for the integrity of the data and the efficiency and performance of the databases. Our network administrators are responsible for the communication infrastructure, and its throughput and response time.  Barrios IT security experts respond to incidents and provide systems vulnerability analysis adm resolution.
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