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Anita F. Renteria
Chief Growth Officer

Anita Renteria is the Chief Growth Officer (CGO) for Barrios Technology. In her role as CGO,
she oversees business growth across all business efforts. ​Working together with the
executive team and business units, she optimizes team activities that impact the growth of
revenue, people, and Barrios’ footprint; and is responsible for the Business Development


​Prior to joining Barrios in 2004 as Business Development Manager, Anita gained extensive
experience in sales, marketing and business development in the space industry, through
the sales of technology products and engineering services. Her experience in managing
Federal Government and Fortune 500 accounts include her early career with Digital
Equipment Corporation in sales and marketing of computer systems and services to NASA,
and as Business Development Manager for Lockheed Martin Space Operations, Universal
Space Network and MacDonald Dettwiler Space Robotics.


In 2019, she was appointed Vice President Business Development responsible for developing and executing Barrios’ strategy for business capture, including marketing and communications, teaming, proposal development, and market growth.


​She has represented Barrios as a founding member of the Johnson Space Center Small Business Council (JSC SBC) Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and served as Vice Chair and Chair of the JSC SBC ELT.


​Anita holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management from Texas A&M University. She lives in Houston, Texas with her wife, Kasi, and their daughter Destiny. Anita enjoys traveling with her family, creating music and scuba diving.

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