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What We Do


Commercial Projects

Our systems engineering team, assisted by a broad range of technical professionals, provide effective solutions for Requirements Management, Risk Assessment, Technical Writing, and Configuration and Data Management.


Barrios Technology’s requirements management process improves facility document development, maintains a change control environment, allows linking and decomposition between documents and improves audit traceability, gap assessments, and impact assessments.  We are users of most Requirements Management Tools and partners with both Siemens (Polarion) and IBM (DOORS).

Document specialists translate complex technical concepts into comprehensible requirements, guidance and procedures. Our team develops solutions to manage complex document infrastructures that enhance the ability to perform traceability analysis, verification and validation, impact analysis, conflict resolution and mitigation along with requirements integration. Our documentation staff is very experienced and includes former NASA systems engineers and configuration and data management specialists.


We currently perform work throughout the aerospace market and for select companies within the oil and gas sector.  Our commercial team provides responsive, innovative, and cost-effective solutions to our customers.



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