Community Impacts

"Barrios Technology employees and their families help make a positive impact on our community."


Our employees are active in community affairs, schools, non-profit organizations, charity events, and fundraising as well as professional and industry groups. Barrios supports and applauds the accomplishments of its employees who

make an extraordinary difference in the lives of others.


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Valuing Our Employees


Each year at our annual Employee’s Awards Banquet, employees are nominated for the Emy Award, named after our company's founder.  The winner is recognized for his or her outstanding volunteering and community service efforts with a plaque and a donation from Barrios to their charity of choice.

Our Employee Relations Committee (ERC) plans events for our employees and their families. Events include company picnics, holiday parties, bowling nights, sporting events, and our long standing tradition of keg and dog parties. In addition, the ERC provides opportunities to get involved in the community by supporting local charities.

Citizens for Space Exploration 

Barrios participates in the Citizens for Space Exploration program managed by the Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership.


The Citizens for Space Exploration's mission is to promote awareness of the benefits of human exploration of space.


Through a multi-state effort, the coalition networks with elected officials, community leaders, and corporate and individual contacts to ensure continued public and political support for major space programs.

Protecting the Environment 

Barrios Technology and its employees actively support protecting the environment in our local and surrounding area. 


At the company level, Barrios implemented a recycling program at our headquarters building. 


In the community Barrios employees have volunteered to help with local road clean-up activities

Team NASA and Space Center Volunteers

Barrios Technology and its employees are active in a number of outreach programs in support of the surrounding communities including serving as education mentors and speakers, participating in benefit walks and runs, and volunteering at and contributing to community women shelters or medical short-term residence homes. 


Barrios is an active member of the Team NASA and the Space Center Volunteer program.  Team NASA and Space Center Volunteers consists of contractor and civil servant employees working together under one banner to support community outreach activities.  As a member of Team NASA, Barrios assists in the planning, organization, and communication of events. 

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