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Government Services

At Barrios Technology, our success is based on the elements in our vision to replicate the best of who we are while strengthening our commitment to our customers.  In doing this, Barrios Technology has developed a unique set of capabilities to fulfill our customers' needs in the disciplines of:


  • Mission Integration and Operations

  • Software Engineering & Integration

  • Systems Engineering

  • Programmatics

In each of these four core areas Barrios continues to enhance our products and services focusing on providing quality and cost effective results with technical and professional excellence.

Mission Integration and Operations

Barrios Technology provides mission planning and integration, flight operations, and post flight analysis for space exploration. 


Our support services include strategic planning, flight design, technical training, payload integration and mission utilization, flight crew operations and integration, on-orbit operations, risk assessment and flight cargo manifest development. We provide innovative products for flight and mission rules, operation data files, and imagery management.

Software Engineering & Integration

Building upon three decades of Barrios’ experience in managing software, hardware, and computer/network infrastructures, we currently provide software engineering and integration skills in support of government and commercial space vehicles.


Our engineers and technical professionals provide expertise in infrastructure development and design, configuration management, full software lifecycle methodology, network administration and Information Technology (IT) security management.

Systems Engineering

Our engineering services capabilities continue to expand, providing innovative and reliable approaches to meeting our customers’ requirements.

Barrios provides all aspects of systems engineering including: requirements development, analysis, concepts of operation, trades and studies, modeling, integration, verification, validation, testing, and documentation. 



Program and project life cycles require a tightly integrated technical and program control set of experiences in order to achieve optimal results. Barrios’ experience enables us to offer our customers an approach that truly manages the engineering program/project lifecycle costs.


Our Program Planning & Control disciplines are highly interdependent in the management of a program or project. 

Commercial Services

Barrios currently supports Commercial Space Transportation through our Mission and Program Integration (MAPI) Contract providing:

  • Certification Products for all Visiting Vehicles to the International Space Station (ISS)

  • Stowage and Consumables planning and tracking

  • Commercial Crew Certifications for the ISS Program


Our software engineers are responsible for designing, developing, maintaining, and testing commercial crew vehicle flight software that provides the ability to communicate with and guide, navigate, control and command the vehicle.



Commercial Projects

Oil and Gas: Barrios Technology made a strategic decision to expand our engineering, software engineering and program planning and control,  disciplines into the Houston oil and gas market.

Our systems engineering team, along with our technical professionals, provide effective solutions for Risk Assessment, Technical Writing, Requirements Analysis, and Configuration and Data Management.

Document specialists translate complex technical concepts into comprehensible requirements, guidance and procedures. Our team develops solutions to manage complex document infrastructures that enhance the ability to perform traceability analysis, verification and validation, impact analysis, conflict resolution and mitigation along with requirements integration.Our documentation staff is very experienced and includes former NASA systems engineers and configuration and data management specialists.


Barrios Technology’s requirements management process improves facility document development, maintains a change control environment, allows linking and decomposition between documents and improves audit traceability, gap assessments, and impact assessments.

Barrios Technology’s success in expanding into the oil and gas sector is attributed to our corporate culture of providing responsive, innovative, and cost effective solutions to our customers.


Other Commercial: Barrios continuously explores opportunities for new commercial projects that align with our core capabilities, help us reach new customers and grow new skills. We delivered in early 2016 a new SharePoint server, giving our IT professionals a chance to build a system from the ground up on a short turnaround project.


We have just embarked on a partnership with a Quality Assurance software company, giving Barrios entry to new commercial space customers as we provide services that complement the software and give the customers more options. We believe that the future of space and technology will be dominated by companies who adapt and build creative partnerships and Barrios intends to be one of those companies!