Kelly Page
Senior Manager, Business Development




Before being named to this position in 2018, Kelly's role was as Mission Analysis & Integration Manager for Barrios’ MAPI Contract. Kelly lead an MA&I team responsible to the International Space Station (ISS) Program Office for flight planning products; planning and managing ISS crew increments, ISS consumables and waste, crew time during ISS crew increments, and all visiting vehicle traffic to ISS; providing console support for payloads operations; and providing technical support to the ISS Program Science Office for onboard utilization. She also managed a team providing technical analysis to NASA to support the Certification Products Contract, which has been set up to assist SpaceX, Sierra Nevada, and Boeing in their development of certification products leading to the ability for commercial providers to ferry NASA astronauts to and from ISS.


Her previous role was Deputy Manager for Mission Integration on the MAPI contract. There she oversaw the implementation of 16 innovations and efficiencies to help the ISS Program run more efficiently. She also helped lay the ground work to begin transitioning the Mission Integration work to a contractor-led completion form environment.


Kelly began her career with Barrios in 2006 supporting the ISS Program on the Mission Integration Contract (MIC). Kelly was responsible for requirements development and documentation for ISS Increments. She quickly distinguished herself as a leader and advanced her role to an Increment Engineer providing console support for Shuttle flights and ISS Expeditions. She led the Crew Time Working Group, a position that directly represents NASA and is responsible to NASA Program Management, in an effort to improve crew time and efficiencies in ISS operations to support an increased focus on science and utilization. Her efforts re-allocated over 300 hours per Increment from ISS systems tasks to science and utilization tasks. She was awarded a Silver Snoopy from the ISS crew for her success on this initiative.


Kelly received her Bachelor’s of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the University of Houston.