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Life at Barrios

"Working for the NASA Space Program is rewarding and exciting. Being a part of history and contributing to the dreams of the nation is very fulfilling. Working at Barrios is a joy. The company seems to care about its employees, implementing policies that benefit us and make our lives easier and happier."

"Open Door" Policy

Effective communication is the core of Barrios' practice. Our management always welcomes and listens to employees' ideas and concerns.  We encourage our employees to actively communicate with all members in the management team, including the CEO and President.



It is our ultimate goal to strengthen personal connection and build a lasting relationship with people that we work with everyday.

Barrios’ culture is part of everything we do

Our company culture uniquely blends work life and family together. We are known as one of the most family oriented companies in the area. We value family and friendship and truly enjoy company gatherings. These outside work activities bring us together as a team. It is a great way for our employees to get to know each other outside normal work environment while having relaxing family time.


Our highly dedicated Employee Relations Committee Representatives diligently plan and bring many fun filled activities and events to our employees and their family members all year round. We work hard and we play hard!


Some of our annual favorites include:


  • Night at the Dog Track

  • Sports Events

  • Bayou Wildlife Park

  • Wine Tasting

  • Crawfish Boil

  • Company Picnic (Kids Halloween Costume Competition, Baking Contest, Petting Zoo, BBQ and more)

  • Keg and Dog

  • Thanksgiving Potluck Luncheon

  • Holiday Party

  • and much more!


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