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Mission Integration and Operations


Barrios Technology provides mission planning and integration, flight operations, and post flight analysis for space programs. Our support services include strategic planning, flight design, technical training, payload integration and mission utilization, flight crew operations and integration, on-orbit operations, risk assessment and flight cargo manifest development. We provide innovative products for flight and mission rules, operation data files, and imagery management.



















Concepts of Operations 

Barrios’ mission integrators and discipline-specific engineers develop concepts of operations for space vehicle missions involving multiple NASA centers, International Partners, and commercial operators flying the International Space Station (ISS). Use of our analytical capabilities combined with our mission expertise lends itself to an effective process for developing these concepts.

Planning & Real-Time Mission Support

Barrios' experience includes certified flight controllers that provide planning and real-time mission support for numerous technical disciplines including: Communications and Tracking, Crew Systems, Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSS), Extravehicular Activity (EVA), Flight Design and Trajectory Operations, Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GN&C), Onboard Data Interfaces and Networks, Operation Data Files, Operations Planning, Power, Heating, and Lighting, Robotics, Structures and Mechanisms repair and maintenance, and Thermal Systems.  Our flight planning capabilities include launch trajectory and abort scenarios, orbital design, rendezvous and proximity operations, and re-entry.


Our engineers and technical experts develop and deliver training for flight crews including experiment setup and operations as well as experience in flight controller certification training. This includes instructional design, developing simulation plans and use of simulators, and delivery of training through classroom instruction and web-based and computer-based training.

Flight Manifest   

Barrios coordinates and develops the manifest for each flight to the ISS. This complex integration task is supported by a software database Barrios designed for NASA called Mission Integration Database Applications System (MIDAS), which received NASA JSC’s Exceptional Software Award and was featured in the agency’s ASK magazine.

Payload Integration 

Barrios employees performed launch site integration for ISS payloads involving NASA, commercial research, and International Partner payloads and still provide payload training to crews today. This requires integration of and interfacing with International Partners, original equipment manufacturers, and hardware providers, as well as coordination between contractors and government. We also work with Principal Investigators to help them get their experiments onboard ISS and, using social media, communicate the exciting science taking place onboard ISS. 


Orbital Debris Tracking & Avoidance 

Barrios' experience includes interfacing directly with the United States Air Force (USAF) Space Command in coordination and use of the orbital debris catalog maintained by the USAF to perform conjunction analysis and recommends avoidance plans and procedures when appropriate.

Imagery Analysis 

Our highly skilled imagery specialists analyze high-definition motion and still photography to provide input to our customers for critical decisions regarding the extent of vehicle damage from launch debris or on-orbit MMOD strikes. 


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