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Program and project life cycles require a tightly integrated technical and program control set of experiences in order to achieve optimal results. Barrios’ experience enables us to offer our customers an approach that truly manages the engineering program/project lifecycle costs. Our Program Planning & Control disciplines are highly interdependent in the management of a program or project.


Cost Estimating  

Knowledge of and ability to assess historical data as well as skill in employing tools such as parametric models are a critical asset in any business program. Barrios cost estimators understand the importance of clear communication and the value in providing accurate information to stakeholders. We provide tools and reports that assist the customers' understanding and ability to use the data to support their decision making. Barrios cost estimators have supported numerous NASA and DoD programs/projects.


The business of scheduling requires rigorous attention to detail and expertise with tools and program/project flows. Barrios has been highly successful at integrating multiple inputs and employing the proper tools to provide clear, consistent, and dependable data to customers and stakeholders. Any impacts to a work schedule are tightly coupled with cost and are critical to program success. Our analysts understand the critical path and other dependencies that must be integrated, tracked, assessed and managed. 

Earned Value Management 

Our expertise in Earned Value Management (EVM) brings together the schedule, cost, and status of work completed to provide a consolidated status picture to a program/project manager. Barrios implemented a certified EVM system for a NASA project office to integrate the technical, cost, and schedule parameters for a particular program or project. EVM encompasses both performance measurements and performance management to ensure program control of risk associated with cost, schedule, and performance.


Data Management  

Barrios’ data management functions provide a major NASA program office with easily accessible, secure and valid program data utilizing authorized program repositories and access authorizations safeguards. Data management provides the mechanism for defining data, the structures that house the data, and the methods for accessing the data. We are moving our paper-based customer to a data centric environment where data is provided through linked electronic databases.


Barrios' assessments specialists evaluate program/project information identifying risks and anticipating problems for timely mitigation. The evaluations consider schedule, cost/resources, technical and historical cost baselines, and performance information to provide early warning for possible cost and program impacts. Evaluations document ground rules and assumptions, input data, the analytical treatment of those data, alternative courses of action, and recommendations for any further action.

Configuration Management 

Barrios provides all the major Configuration Management (CM) elements to our customers:

  • Planning & Management

  • Identification

  • Change Management

  • Configuration Status Accounting

  • Verification & Audits

  • Board and Panel Design and Administration


Subcontract Management  

Barrios engineers perform as subcontract technical managers for a prime aerospace customer in oversight of their major subcontractors who are providing hardware and technical support. This requires engineering and technical management skills to independently interface with and provide direction to major hardware/software providers on behalf of our customer.


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