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Employees Recognized with 4th Quarter BEAR Awards

Ryan Anderson was recently presented a Barrios Silver BEAR award for his strong technical writing skills and attention to customer needs. Recognizing a need to improve technical writing processes for the Commercial Crew Program Anderson was key in the successful creation of the Commercial Crew Program (CCP) program-level review board to review the Commercial Partner’s safety analysis (Safety Technical Review Board (STRB)). Anderson’s technical writing skills and creativity helped shape how the STRB reviews the Commercial

Partner’s safety products as well as stream-lining the products MAPI is responsible for from the meeting by 90% while maintaining data quality. The product was also easier for the customer to navigate and get the data they needed in a simpler format. This is significant in that these meeting minutes, overviews, and decision matrices are a critical piece of the review process for board members, review teams, and Commercial Partners. Anderson contributions to the safety review process have been critical to the success of the STRB and API.

Ryan Anderson was presented a 4thQuarter BEAR Award. Pictured from left Vicente Reyes, CP Launch Vehicle Safety Technical Review Board (STRB) Chair; Sandy Johnson, President and CEO Barrios Technology; Anderson; Casetta Bailey, Barrios MAPI Supervisor

Avionics and Software Integration Lab (ASIL) technician Justin Collins was presented a Silver BEAR award for his outstanding performance supporting fabrication and troubleshooting tasks. He produced a variety of products including rack cable harnesses, mechanical assemblies, auxiliary/patch panels, mobile racks, and switch panels. His contributions have been instrumental in keeping Boeing’s build schedule on track. Collins’ experience and expertise has directly contributed to the success of the ASIL development by

working closely with the ASIL engineering team and suggesting and developing alternate design solutions to improve manufacturability and support an aggressive schedule. Collins has reliably produced quality products and mentored newer team members by reviewing and suggesting alternate solutions/workarounds for difficult production tasks. His products are of high quality both functionally and cosmetically and greatly serves to enhance the reputation and appearance of the ASIL.

Justin Collins was presented a 4th Quarter BEAR Award. Pictured from left Monique Smith, Barrios Manager; Denise Skyles, BETS Project Manager Barrios Technology; Sandy Johnson, President and CEO Barrios Technology; Collins; Fernando Lopez, Boeing CCTS ASIL Lead; Keith Carley, Director Human Resources Barrios Technology.

Shelly Fling was presented with a Silver BEAR Award for her superior performance and leadership in developing, integrating, and implementing multiple MAPI proposed initiatives in support of JSC RISE (Revolutionize ISS for Science and Exploration). Fling’s expertise and exceptional oversight has led to the implementation of innovative processes for cargo integration meant to facilitate a more efficient manifesting process and alleviate the impacts of changes on the hardware provider community. Fling was recognized for her additional effort into stakeholder meetings, providing briefings to NASA boards, building the detailed processes, and developing a SharePoint infrastructure to support the processes being

implemented. This level of effort was maintained on a relatively tight schedule and over a timeframe while maintaining a high quality standard. The new move process itself saves time and resources by reducing cycle time from an average 1 to 3 weeks to approximately 1 to 3 days. Additional benefits included enhance communication of move rationale, enabling organizations to focus on delivery schedules versus paperwork, and more efficient packing by enabling MAPI to quickly add filler hardware to manifests.

Shelly Fling was presented a 4th Quarter BEAR Award. Pictured from left Mark Polansky Barrios MAPI Manager; Sandy Johnson, President and CEO Barrios Technology; Fling; Robert McAfoos, Barrios MAPI Program Manager.

Cindy Romero was presented a Silver BEAR award for her superior performance and dedication as Mission Science Integrator during Increments 43 and 44. Romero’s in-depth knowledge of the increment, strong interpersonal skills and attention to detail enabled the team to plan and execute a very ambitious utilization plan even after the loss of 2 cargo vehicles and a 6-week delay of. She has the ability to anticipate the customer’s needs well in advance, and provide and implement recommendations to meet those needs. Romero led the campaign to identify Reserve science to be promoted to Prime in order to meet the utilization

objectives after the loss of 2 cargo vehicles and Soyuz delays. Due to the constant re-planning of the increment as a result of vehicle losses and changes to the research complement, this became essential for being able to track the remaining requirements for the increment and take advantage of research opportunities that became available in short notice. She maintained a high level of performance well above expectations throughout the entire increment

Cindy Romero was presented a 4th Quarter BEAR Award. Pictured from left Jorge Sotomayor, Aerospace Flights Systems, NASA; Romero; Sandy Johnson, President and CEO Barrios Technology; Robert McAfoos, Barrios MAPI Program Manager.

The Barrios Employee Awards and Recognition or BEAR Award recognizes quality performance and outstanding support of customer and company goals. Up to one percent of the current number of employees can receive the Silver Award each quarter. Silver award winners automatically qualify for the annual Gold award which is presented at an annual awards and recognition reception.


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