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Barrios Technology’s Smith Receives Space Flight Awareness Award

JOHNSON SPACE CENTER (Houston, TX): Barrios Technology’s Monique Smith, received one of NASA’s highest recognitions, the Space Flight Awareness Honoree award. As lead for the ISS Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC), Nodes and Power Formal Qualification Test team for the International Space Station (ISS) software releases she is tasked with the verification of various ISS software packages in support of on-board Avionics and Software upgrades. Smith was recognized for her above and beyond efforts allowing for the flawless verification of the Li-Ion Software upgrade for Photovoltaic Controller Application (PVCA) R5.

Smith, has more than 25 years of experience in the design and operation of International Space Station ISS systems, began her NASA career as an Engineer on the Shuttle Mission Training Facility (SMTF). She has served as a software engineer for the ISS Training Facility (SSTF). Software Integration and Testing was the next challenge Smith embraced when she joined the ISS Avionics and Software development organization.

Smith’s nomination cited her sustained and superior performance on the ISS Program. Specifically on the update to PVCA R5 for the new Li-Ion batteries. This highly complex software change verification was successfully completed, identifying several software discrepancies and Station Program Notes (SPN) in support of PV R5 transition. The PVCA software is in excellent shape and ready to support the upgrade to new Li-Ion batteries on the ISS. The Control Software and the new batteries will extend the life of the ISS, and continue to supply power in order to keep crew and science safe and operating efficiently.

Space Flight Awareness is a NASA-managed motivational and recognition program with invited representation from NASA and contractors having major responsibilities for human spaceflight mission success. The Honoree Award is one of eight specially designed awards used to recognize employees involved with NASA’s Human Space Flight Program.

Barrios Technology’s Monique Smith, was presented NASA’s Space Flight Awareness Honoree award in recognition for her above and beyond efforts involving the Li-Ion Software upgrade. Pictured from left: Mark Mulqueen, Boeing; Smith; Reid Wiseman, NASA Astronaut; Denise Skyles, Barrios BETS Program Manager; and John Elbon, Boeing.


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