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Chapman-Bussey Receives NASA Power of One Award

JOHNSON SPACE CENTER (Houston, TX): Barrios Technology’s Chelsey Chapman-Bussey was recently presented with Johnson Space Center’s (JSC) Power of One Gold Award. The Power of One Award is JSC’s award program established to recognize JSC employees for their exemplary performance and direct contributions to their organization, JSC, or NASA at the agency level. Bussey was recognized for her outstanding efforts supporting JSC’s International Space Station (ISS) Program RISE (Revolutionize ISS for Science and Exploration) initiative. Bussey was cited for her innovative approaches to fundamentally changing the way ISS payload processes work through her involvement with RISE. She has spent dedicated efforts to study complex processes, gather massive amounts of input from all parties involved, and come up with fresh, efficient and customer-friendly ways to update the way we work, thus enabling even more and better utilization of the orbiting laboratory. Bussey has been an outstanding ambassador for RISE, traveling to NASA centers and partners to share RISE methodology and increase awareness and buy-in from across the agency. Joining Barrios Technology in 2013, Bussey supports the Mission and Program Integration (MAPI) contract as part of the Research and Integration team. She has focused her efforts in supporting the Program Science Office, ISS imagery, and participated in multiple outreach opportunities. The NASA Power of One is a peer-nominated award program, including civil servants and contractors. The award is designed to recognize outstanding contributions by an individual for superior accomplishments beyond their normal work requirements benefiting one of three levels of NASA’s mission, the Organization (Bronze-Level), JSC (Silver-Level) or the Agency (Gold-Level). As part of the Power of One award program, individuals are given the opportunity to choose their award and recognition experience based on the level of their accomplishments. Awards may include meeting NASA legends, shadowing the director or an astronaut for a day, or VIP building tours to name just a few.

Chelsey Chapman-Bussey, was presented a NASA JSC Power of One Award for her efforts with the RISE initative. Pictured from left: Mark Polansky, MAPI Program Manager; Chapman-Bussey; Rachel Hobson, MAPI Communications (award nominator); Kelly Page, MAPI Mission Analysis and Integration Manager; Sergio Lucero, Research and Imagery Supervisor.

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