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Barrios Recognizes Employees with Quarterly Performance Awards

JOHNSON SPACE CENTER (Houston, TX): Barrios Technology recently presented employees with Silver BEAR (Barrios Employee Award and Recognition) awards. Each recipient was commended for their high level of expertise and outstanding performance supporting NASA’s International Space Station (ISS) Mission and Program Integration (MAPI) contract. Employees recognized included Becky Difard, Susan Mayo, Nate Neal, and Shan Shan Zeng.

Becky Difard was presented a Silver BEAR award for her outstanding efforts as a key part of the IT team, working to migrate data from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 under a huge time crunch. While preparing data for the transfer, she worked diligently to make sure functionality was maintained ensuring the MAPI team could keep delivering quality products. Secondly, Difard was recognized for her efforts working with the Imagery team to establish new protocols for gathering and cataloging images. She has collaborated with and encouraged other teams to adopt and comply with the new protocols while organizing and improving the way the MAPI contract interacts with the NASA customer.

Susan Mayo was presented a Silver BEAR award for her responsiveness and outstanding support of the newly combined NASA Research and Technology Development offices. Her support is not merely to NASA but routinely to NASA’s customers, researcher partners, and investigators. Mayo significantly contributes to the full and best utilization of the ISS by handling all the change traffic for NASA “front door” research planning. She routinely works with customers fielding their questions and appropriately handling their requests. Her knowledge and experience often prove helpful in consistently having answers and guidance to working through the processes for getting science investigations on the ISS. Mayo’s dedication to providing a customer centric experience to research partners and investigators is providing valuable coordination to the research and integration process while increasing the return on investigators investments and in turn increasing the return on NASA’s investment in the ISS.

Nate Neal was presented a Silver BEAR award for his integral behind the scenes efforts in making SpaceX (SpX)-10, the first official flight that was completely operated using a new planning tool vital for the advancement of commercial resupply services (CRS) to the ISS. The successful use of CRS-2016 planning is the keystone to changing the ISS community’s culture in advance of Manifest Re-Engineering Process improvements. Neal’s knowledge of the planning process and dedication to process improvements provided the ability to efficiently compress 8 months’ worth of work into a 4-week window. His thorough understanding of the technology tools used to manifest cargo and science for the ISS has proved valuable to tracking down and resolving processes as the team moves toward more cost efficient, better integrated, and user friendly planning tools.

Shan Shan Zeng was presented a Silver BEAR award for her significant contributions to software modernization efforts on the MAPI contract. Zeng has developed a skill for restructuring the hidden foundations of applications using Object Relational Mapping tools (ORMs), under guidance from the software architects. By modernizing data access to use Object Relational Mappers (ORMs), she has delivered code that is easier to read, maintain, and sustain. The most notable talent, however, is her speed and diligence in doing so while adapting to extremely fast-changing patterns and methods. The speed of her product delivery has translated into significant cost savings. Her disciplined approach to software engineering deadlines has ensured that projects are delivered on time. Zeng is presently serving in a critical role for the Manifest Reengineering project, helping them maintain their project schedule while ensuring that the swift solution continues to comply with future-thinking standards.

The Barrios Employee Awards and Recognition or BEAR Award recognizes quality performance and outstanding support of customer and company goals. Up to one percent of the current number of employees can receive the Silver Award each quarter. Silver award winners automatically qualify for the annual Gold award which is presented at an annual awards and recognition reception.

Becky Difard and Susan Mayo were recently presented with a Barrios Silver BEAR awards. Pictured from left are: Robert McAfoos, Barrios Technology President; Sandy Johnson, Barrios Technology CEO; Difard; Mayo; Sergio Lucero, MAPI Supervisor; and Mark Polansky, MAPI Program Manager.

Nate Neal was recently presented with a Barrios Silver BEAR award. Pictured from left are: Robert McAfoos, Barrios Technology President; Neal; Scott Paul, MAPI Supervisor; Sandy Johnson, Barrios Technology CEO; Mark Polansky, MAPI Program Manager

Shan Shan Zeng was recently presented with a Silver BEAR Award. Pictured from left are: John Maca, NASA OH Supervisor; Jared Nielsen, MAPI IT Supervisor; Zeng, Sandy Johnson, Barrios Technology CEO; Robbie McAfoos, Barrios Technology President.

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