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Barrios Recognizes Employees with 2017 First Quarter Performance Awards

JOHNSON SPACE CENTER (Houston, TX): Barrios Technology recently presented employees with Silver BEAR (Barrios Employee Award and Recognition) awards. Each recipient was commended for their high level of expertise and outstanding performance supporting NASA’s International Space Station (ISS) Program. Employees recognized included Jason Leblanc, Lisa Mavrotheris, and Anh Tuan Tran.

Jason Leblanc was presented with a Silver BEAR award for his exemplary performance and dedication as the focal Mission Science Integrator (MSI) for Space Station Increment 47 and 48. Jason’s in-depth knowledge, strong interpersonal skills and attention to detail enabled the team to record breaking success. As a veteran MSI with comprehensive knowledge of the multilateral science objectives for the increment, his expertise and recommendations enabled the achievement of a new weekly average record of 44.02 hours/week of ISS science and research, in spite of multiple uncertainties with payload readiness, unexpected hardware issues, and some visiting vehicle delays. Leblanc performed a variety of Science Requirements Tracking Database crew time analyses during the planning and execution phases of the increment pair, each to address the unique challenges and scenarios they brought to the mission. Leblanc maintained a high level of performance well above expectations throughout the entire increment.

Lisa Mavrotheris was presented a Silver BEAR award for her dedication and performance as a Flight Controller for ISS Payloads at the Marshall Space Flight Center. Mavrotheris’ award citation recognized her tenacity to “continually challenged herself to learn, certify, and perform several different jobs on the MOI contract”. She obtained flight controller certifications as both a PAYCOM (Payload Communicator) and OC (Operations Controller) and then brought her real-time experience to the training team as a Simulation Supervisor (Sim Sup). With each new job Mavrotheris learned and mastered was built on her previous job’s experiences. She was commended for “often thinking outside the box and suggesting and working on innovative ways to improve training so it stays fresh and relevant.

Anh Tuan Tran was presented with a Silver BEAR awards for his engineering contributions in the Joint Station Local Area Network (LAN) upgrade of new Edge Routers. Tran is the lead software developer for the new Joint Station LAN (JSL) ER development. He is responsible for testing and deployment of the critical Space Station system. His contributions ensured that the new ER configuration files performed all the legacy functionality, as well as new functionality that included security access lists and automatic fail-over. Due to the quality of his work, the ER deployment on Space Station was a success.

The Barrios Employee Awards and Recognition or BEAR Award recognizes quality performance and outstanding support of customer and company goals. Up to one percent of the current number of employees can receive the Silver Award each quarter. Silver award winners automatically qualify for the annual Gold award which is presented at an annual awards and recognition reception.

Jason Leblanc was presented with a Silver BEAR award. Pictured from left: Duane Radicioni, Mission and Research Operations Supervisor, MAPI; Mark Polansky, MAPI Program Manager; Yuri Guinart-Ramirez, Lead Increment Scientist, NASA-JSC; Leblanc; and Robbie McAfoos, Barrios Technology President.

Lisa Mavrotheris was presented a Silver BEAR award. Pictured from left: Kathy Nordmann, Barrios Manager; Mavrotheris; Robbie McAfoos, Barrios Technology President; and Tricia Cartee, Supervisor, Operations Lead, Marshall Space Flight Center HSV.

Anh Tuan Tran was presented with a Silver BEAR award. Pictured from left: Robbie McAfoos, Barrios Technology President; Vinh Nguyen, Boeing JSL Lead(nominator); Tran; Suzanne Davidson, Boeing JSL Lead (nominator); and Denise Skyles, Barrios BETS Project Manager.

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Headquartered in Houston, Barrios Technology is a woman-owned AS9100 certified engineering services company specializing in aerospace engineering & science, program planning & control, mission integration & operations, and software engineering & integration. Since 1980, Barrios has demonstrated their corporate mission to be the foremost small aerospace engineering services company providing extraordinary value to our customers, employees and communities. For more information on Barrios Technology, please call 281-280-1900 or visit

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