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Barrios Recognizes Employees With Annual Awards

JOHNSON SPACE CENTER (Houston, TX): Barrios Technology recently recognized their top employees. A luncheon, held in Houston, Texas recognized employees who were recipients of awards from the 2017 Barrios Employee Awards and Recognition (BEAR) program and honored the top selection or Gold BEAR award recipient. Also honored, at an event in held in Huntsville, Alabama was the recipient for the annual corporate Emy Award for community service.

Robbin Cagle was presented with the 2017 Gold BEAR award for her exceptional contribution to the success of Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) Dream Chaser Cargo System (DCCS) design and development activities. Cagle was instrumental in the successful completion of a major SNC Commercial Resupply Services 2 (CRS2) contract milestone. She worked efficiently and effectively to assist in the development of several contract deliverables required for Preliminary Design Review (Integration Review 3). Her support was recognized in the SNC contract quarterly evaluation provided to Barrios by SNC. SNC stated the following in their evaluation, “The help for coordination of IR3 products was invaluable, and contributed to our successful completion of that milestone. The logistics of working RIDs, ICD updates, JIVTP updates has been exemplary, and the support is timely, thorough, and positive/friendly – we really appreciate all that Robbin brings to this effort.”

Cagle demonstrated her commitment to innovation by developing several programmatic wiki pages that provide critical information to SNC personnel on the status of internal as well as ISS programmatic boards and panels, status of SNC exception requests submitted to NASA, and general information on the structure of the ISS program. She operates at a high level of performance often managing multiple tasks and products. Cagle is efficient and effective at meeting deadlines and her commitment to quality ensures that the products she submits to the customer require little to no rework.

The Emy Award recognizes an employee who contributed beyond the workplace in service to the community. Barrios selected Phyllis Ruth Swann of Huntsville, Alabama to be recognized with the 2017 Emy Award.

Phyllis Ruth Swann was honored for her efforts with fundraising for the Youth Interscholastic teams at the Blue Water Creek Polo Club to allow more children to participate in polo, providing horses and equipment. Swann has participated in the Polo at Blue Water Creek Polo Club since 2013, and for the last 3 years she has helped create an Interscholastic Team for both High School and Middle School players from several states. She has donated her time, typically 10-18 hours per weekend, towards teaching the children how to play polo as well as the rules, even going as far as taking one particular student to and from games, loaning him her horse and equipment.

Prior to her work with the Middle School team, Swann helped the High School Interscholastic team and raised money for them to replace arena boards, the score board, sand, and install a net around the arena.

In addition, Swann has aided several young people after the loss of their parents. She has taken these children too many events including soccer practice, Hot Air Balloon/airplane rides, and bike rides, and has helped them with reading and homework. Her contributions have been greatly improving the lives of families in her community since 1988.

Robbin Cagle was presented with a Gold BEAR Award. Pictured from left: Sandy Johnson, CEO Barrios Technology; Robbin Cagle.

Phyllis Ruth Swann was recently presented with the 2017 Emy Award for Community Service. Pictured from left: Pictured from left: Sandy Johnson, CEO Barrios Technology; Phyllis Ruth Swann.

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