Johnson Space Center celebrates employee with a 50-year history of keeping astronauts safe

(Excerpt from The Houston Chronicle) ... It's fitting that Victor Murray's party Thursday — celebrating 50 years at NASA — was held in this part of Space Center Houston, the museum side of Johnson Space Center. The number of space station astronauts he's kept safe over the years are seemingly countless. ...

Murray's hard work doesn't go unnoticed by the astronauts. During his 50th anniversary party on Thursday, astronaut Reid Wiseman presented Murray with the Silver Snoopy Award, the astronauts' personal award presented to fewer than 1 percent of the aerospace workforce each year.

"Dozens of astronauts and test subjects owe a debt of gratitude for our safety and well-being to you for your constant vigilance and dedication," Wiseman read from a commendation letter that accompanies the award. "This is our personal thanks for your outstanding support of the space program."

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