Barrios Technology Announces the 2018 4th Quarter BEAR Award Winners

JOHNSON SPACE CENTER (Houston, TX): Barrios Technology recently presented employees with Silver BEAR (Barrios Employee Award and Recognition) awards. Each recipient was commended for their high level of expertise and outstanding performance supporting Barrios’ contracts with NASA’s International Space Station (ISS) Program. Employees recognized included Jay Heim, Jill Holm, Parnett Kaur, and Rad Sinyak.

Jay Heim was presented a Silver BEAR award for his outstanding security audit support. Heim was recognized for his discipline and focus in coming up to speed with the Software Development Integration Laboratory (SDIL) environment and the security requirements needed to ensure we maintain a secure environment. Heim assumed his role and quickly took the lead in accessing delinquent controls, current year’s controls, risks, and Plans of Action and Milestones (POAMs). Heim was brought in as the ISS SDIL Onboard ISSO during the critical JSC Information Technology (IT) security plan assessment. Heim’s hard work and contributions as lead network engineer were instrumental in troubleshooting and resolving any network issue. He was been instrumental in understanding the current network environment and has taken the lead in updating the current SDIL network infrastructure.

Jill Holm received a Silver BEAR for her exceptional performance and dedication as the crew time engineer in the aftermath of the 56 Soyuz (56S) anomaly. NASA assembled short-term and long-term planning teams to assess multiple scenarios with crew flights, cargo flights, and Extravehicular Activities (EVAs). Holm’s provided numerous crew time assessments to both teams which allowed ISS program managers to make decisions on when to fly flights, plan EVAs, and determine the feasibility of all combinations of ISS requirements. During the normal course of business, Holm performs one to two special crew time assessments per month. After the 56S anomaly, Holm’s performed approximately 25 of these assessments for various scenarios within a two-month period. Her assessments were vital in determining what scenarios were viable using the remaining crew on orbit. These assessments were performed quickly and accurately. Holm’s above and beyond efforts enabled ISS program management to make critical decisions regarding flight date assignments and the overall feasibility of ISS requirements. Without Holm’s dedication to providing these quick turn-around assessments, the Program would not have been able to reach a resolution nearly as quickly.

Parneet Kaur was presented a Silver BEAR award in recognition of her performance and dedication as a prime MAPI interface for research planning. Kaur’s in-depth knowledge of the research planning process for science experiments, along with her dedication and attention to detail ensured utilization requirements were processed and all program priorities met. When NASA transitioned the role of Research Planning Working Group (RPWG) Chair, Kaur played a vital role to ensure the transition occurred smoothly. Kaur performed her tasks for research planning while adding the additional workload of some of the RPWG Chair tasks. She performed the final reviews for payload requirements to ensure payload activities were approved in time to be planned for upcoming increments and flights. This role, normally performed by the NASA RPWG Chair, ensures the appropriate data are available to assess for conflicts, resulting in less programmatic risk for potential loss of science.

Rad Sinyak was presented with the Silver BEAR award for his outstanding efforts to design, develop and lead NASA's Project Mars Competition to engage the creative community across the world by inviting them to visualize NASA plans for deep space exploration through submission of a short film or poster. Sinyak dedicated more than two years to the successful design, execution and completion of Project Mars working directly with NASA Headquarters to complete and promote the competition. Sinyak’s effort to initiate, execute, and complete the project resulted in the receipt of 454 poster entries from 17 countries and 120 short films representing 9 countries. His innovation and dedication are demonstrated in the component of the contest that included Cinemark Theaters as a Project Mars sponsor. Sinyak contacted and negotiated with Cinemark Theater representatives and secured their commitment to join the Project Mars team as a. promotion and screening sponsor. One of the most visible achievements of the project was securing an agreement with Cinemark to screen the winning film ahead of the release of the film "First Man". On October 11, 2018 Cinemark screened the winning film in 270 theaters nationwide, reaching 23,800 viewers.

The Barrios Employee Awards and Recognition or BEAR Award recognizes quality performance and outstanding support of customer and company goals. Up to one percent of the current number of employees can receive the Silver Award each quarter. Silver award winners automatically qualify for the annual Gold award which is presented at an annual awards and recognition reception.

Jay Heim was presented with a Silver BEAR Award. Pictured from left: Jeff Cline, Director Project Management Barrios Technology; Heim; and Sandy Johnson, CEO Barrios Technology.

Jill Holm was presented with a Silver BEAR Award. Pictured from left: Keith Carley, Barrios, MAPI, Mission Analysis and Integration Program Manager; Holm; Sandy Johnson, CEO Barrios Technology; and Brad Frederick, Barrios, MAPI, Mission and Research Operations Supervisor.

Parneet Kaur was presented with a Silver BEAR Award. Pictured from left: Keith Carley, Barrios, MAPI, Mission Analysis and Integration Program Manager; Kaur; Sandy Johnson, CEO Barrios Technology; and Brad Frederick, Barrios, MAPI, Mission and Research Operations Supervisor.

Sinyak.jpg: Rad Sinyak was presented with a Silver BEAR Award. Pictured from left: Mark Kirasich, Orion Program Manager; Sinyak; and Sandy Johnson, CEO Barrios Technology.

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