Barrios Technology Selects Employee Award Honorees

BARRIOS TECHNOLOGY (Houston, TX): Barrios Technology recognized a group of employees with the Silver BEAR (Barrios Employee Award and Recognition) award. Each recipient was commended for their outstanding performance supporting Barrios’ contracts with NASA’s Human Space Flight Program. Employees recognized included Karen Alfaro, Max Delahoussaye, Fabio Flores, Carrie Gilder, Keiva Gilmore, Patrick Henry, Yorton Martinez, Jean Snowden, Keith Taylor, Bill Travis, Vic Vargas, Chris Vodney and Eric Wengerd.

Increment 66 team members Karen Alfaro, Keiva Gilmore, Max Delahoussaye, Vic Vargas, and Carrie Gilder were awarded the Silver BEAR Award for their dedication support to the Increment 66 research integration process. After losing an experienced team member weeks before the increment start, this young team pulled together to support weekly meetings, chart preparation, coordination with International Partners, and stepping into real-time support. Team established a TEAMS group chat so they could stay in constant communication on any help needed while dealing with pandemic work from home restrictions. The team also used a newly established innovative requirements tool used by NASA and the International Partners. This team was instrumental in assisting troubleshooting and resolving issues with this new tool during real-time operations, greatly improving the Increment Research Team (IRT) efficiency.

The Gateway Loads & Dynamic (L&D) Plume Team was awarded a Silver BEAR award for their instrumental support in the development of a cutting-edge Plume Impingement analysis process and the analysis performed supporting the Gateway Integrated Analysis Cycles (IAC). Fabio Flores, Chris Vodney and Eric Wengerd, developed new methods and tools to support the analysis of different vehicle approach scenarios and Gateway configurations. The 3-member team expedited their work to support the turnaround time required by the Gateway Program IACs.

Patrick Henry was awarded a Silver BEAR Award for his exceptional support to the Orion Program by leading the acceleration of the Orion Environmental Control and Life Support (ECLS) Atmosphere (ATMOS) crew display format in response to a significant change in the display development process. This delivery provided significant benefit to the NASA customer and the Orion program as it is the foundation for the final production of the Artemis Crew display suite. Henry provided the highest level of performance by taking inputs by from the ECLS team and rapidly developed a ECLS ATMOS display format file suite for the pivot and then worked diligently (accelerating the schedule from 9 months to 4 weeks) to execute and deliver the products on schedule. This suite included 22 files that were delivered as part of the pivot. These deliveries are crucial to the ongoing success of the Orion cockpit development to meet the Artemis II launch date.

Yorton Martinez was awarded a Silver BEAR award for his outstanding dedication to the Flight Operations Directorate (FOD) Information Technology (FIT) Database servers. Martinez is a Junior Database Administrator (DBA) who has supported four FIT database servers comprising of 62 unique databases. His knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server (MS SQL) is outstanding. He continues to provide significant contributions to our NASA user community and customer. Martinez is instrumental in the daily operations and maintenance of the FIT Environment. This is a significant benefit to the customer. These database servers host mission enabling applications allowing FOD to achieve their mission of “plan, train, fly”.

Jean Snowden was awarded a Silver BEAR award for her role in the Space Launch System (SLS) Booster Element Office (BEO). The BEO is frequently held up as an example of how SLS needs to function, and it is in no small part due to Snowden’s program coordination skills. Her daily contribution to the functionality of the office keeps the work on track and allows the program stakeholders to interface without complications. The previous two years have created some extremely unique challenges for the role of project coordinator. The BEO has finalized and shipped the first two flight boosters to Florida, executed a new development and fabrication contract and kicked off the systems requirements review of the next booster design – all during a global pandemic. Snowden kept these priorities moving by excelling in her role as project coordinator, working schedules, managing risks, facilitating technical exchanges, and assisting in configuration management tracking.

Keith Taylor was awarded a Silver BEAR Award for his dedication and service as the Organization Information Technology Manager (OITM) and recently the Information Technology Manager (ITM) on the Consolidated Program Support Services (CPSS) Project Coordination (PC) contract supporting the Human Exploration Development & Operations (HEDO) Office at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC). Taylor has been essential to the operation of the HEDO organization during the mandatory telework period providing IT support and assisting with WebEx meetings. He was instrumental in developing and launching organizational SharePoint sites and assisting all new HEDO employees both Civil Service and contractor with their IT on-boarding process. Taylor consistently provides real-time support to the organization related to IT while performing his day-to-day tasks.

Billydale (Bill) Travis was awarded a Silver BEAR Award for his outstanding work on multiple projects critical to the International Space Station Program. Travis’ support during the Covid-19 reduced operations and his ability to adapt to any request were instrumental in keeping the International Space Station Power Lab (IPL) operational during the pandemic. He took ownership in ensuring all of the test configurations were complete including handling of Flight Hardware & preparing the special test configurations. Travis’ involvement in test setups and execution contributed greatly to the success of these test objectives. His tireless dedication to ensuring each test received the attention required for a successful completion is extremely appreciated.

The Barrios Employee Awards and Recognition or BEAR Award Program recognizes quality performance and outstanding support of customer and company goals. Up to one percent of the current number of employees can receive the Silver Award each quarter. Silver award winners automatically qualify for the annual Gold award which is presented at an annual awards and recognition reception.

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