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Jeff Cline
Chief of Staff


                                                   In his role as Chief of Staff (CoS) for Barrios Technology, Jeff Cline supports the President and the
                                                   executive team with overseeing the smooth running of the organization, as well as working closely with
                                                   key service departments and management teams to facilitate strategic planning and implementation. 


                                                   With a BS in Computer Science from the University of Houston, he has more than 30 years’ experience
                                                   providing software development and project management support for NASA space programs, from
                                                   Space Station Freedom to the current day International Space Station (ISS). 

                                                   Since working at Barrios, Jeff has led software development teams, served as Lead and Chief Architect
                                                   of MIDAS, supported various contracts in management positions, and been instrumental in establishing
                                                   the Barrios brand in Huntsville. Prior to being appointed Chief of Staff in 2021, he served as Director of
                                                   Project Management.

                                                   Jeff has been the recipient of several NASA Awards for technical innovation and has led a team
                                                   recognised with a NASA Award for Software Excellence. In his free time, Jeff is a classic and sports-car
                                                   enthusiast and enjoys restoring older vehicles. He is engaged to Kim Stelter, a pro-bono lawyer who
                                                   helps the underprivileged and human trafficking victims. 

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