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Four Barrios employees awarded coveted NASA SFA Silver Snoopy Awards

August 19, 2022 -- Fewer than 1% of NASA’s aerospace program workforce receive the coveted Space Flight Awareness (SFA) Silver Snoopy Award annually, which highlights the remarkable achievement by Barrios Technology’s team, with four of their employees recently being announced as recipients of the prestigious Space Flight Awareness (SFA) Silver Snoopy Award from NASA.

Erin Winick Anthony, Dan Garguilo, Abigail Sherriff, and Desiree Smith have been selected to receive the prestigious Space Flight Awareness (SFA) Silver Snoopy Award, which is awarded to NASA employees and contractors for outstanding achievements related to human flight safety and mission success.

“We are extremely proud that our Barrios teams are continuing to deliver extraordinary value through their innovation and passionate dedication. It was particularly special that our Vice President – Government Services, and Program Manager of the Human Space Flight Technical Integration Contract (HSFTIC), Mark Polansky, who is also our in-house astronaut, presented the awards to our employees for significant contributions to the human spaceflight program,” says Kelly Page, President at Barrios Technology.

As a once-in-a-lifetime honor, the Silver Snoopy Awards have been awarded to Erin Anthony for her vision and innovation, which continually increases visibility for the International Space Station’s (ISS) Research Science.

Dan Garguilo has been recognized for his outstanding technical and programmatic leadership in the development and management of over 50 inter-module / inter-vehicle interface documents for the Gateway Program.

Abigail Sherriff’s development and implementation of significant process improvements, that have changed the way in which Test and Verification (T&V) metrics and statuses are reported, has been acknowledged.

And Desiree Smith, as the prime and sole Utilization Flight Lead (UFL) for each of the visiting vehicle missions has received the award for being a key contributor in establishing the roles and responsibilities of the UFL that have led to mission success.

Barrios Technology congratulates Erin Anthony, Dan Garguilo, Abigail Sherriff and Desiree Smith on this amazing achievement!

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