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What We Do


Government Services

At Barrios Technology, our success is based on the elements in our vision to replicate the best of who we are while strengthening our commitment to our customers.  In doing this, Barrios Technology has developed a unique set of capabilities to fulfill our customers' needs in the disciplines of:


  • Mission Integration and Operations

  • Software Engineering & Integration

  • Systems Engineering

  • Programmatics


Commercial Space Services

Barrios currently supports Commercial Space Transportation through our Human Space Flight 

Technical Integration Contract (HSFTIC) providing:

  • Certification Products for all Visiting Vehicles to the International Space Station (ISS)

  • Stowage and Consumables planning and tracking

  • Commercial Crew Certifications for the ISS Program





Commercial Projects

Barrios' systems engineering team, assisted by a broad range of technical professionals, provide effective solutions for Requirements Management, Risk Assessment, Technical Writing, and Configuration and Data Management.





Stellar Access

​Stellar Access is a division of Barrios Technology focused on stimulating demand of the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Economy.   

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