Invaluable Knowledge gained during the Barrios Launch Internship Program 2023

Invaluable Knowledge gained during the Barrios Launch Internship Program 2023

Invaluable Knowledge gained during the Barrios Launch Internship Program 2023

Another summer…another amazing summer intern program! This year, the Barrios Launch Internship Program welcomed 16 interns to our corporate office and client facilities in Houston, TX and Huntsville, AL.

Our Barrios Launch Internship Program Summer Interns 2023
Barrios Launch Internship Program Summer Interns 2023

Since May, our interns have been exploring opportunities to support projects in various areas of the business, such as IT projects for corporate, systems engineering projects for the International Space Station, Orion, and Gateway programs on our Human Space Flight Technical Integration Contract (HSFTIC) in Houston, and records and facility management projects on our CPSS PC contract in Huntsville.

As part of the program, they participated in weekly lectures on a variety of engineering and NASA-related topics; tours of different NASA facilities; and a weekly communication workshop.

Valeria Jimenez is one of several of our interns supporting the Orion Program on HSFTIC. She says, “I am extremely grateful to everyone at Barrios who has taken the time to interact with the interns and share more about their careers. It has been eye-opening and inspiring to witness where we could be just a few years down the road”.

Elsewhere on HSFTIC, our interns have been actively involved with the Mission Integration and Operations team, as well as the Systems Engineering and Integration team. Nicholas Olibrice, who represents the Patti Grace Smith Fellowship, describes his experience: “I have gained invaluable knowledge of the interactions and collaboration between different sectors of the industry while acquiring new technical skills. The collaborative and knowledge-sharing environment has opened my eyes to a multitude of unexplored opportunities in the field, helping me develop in ways I hadn’t anticipated”.

For the first time, Barrios interns also joined the CPSS PC contract in Huntsville, Alabama. Apasra Sheperd-Moore says, “My experience at Barrios as Consolidated Program Support Services has been the best thus far. I have learned so much about my program. Since working here, I have found my new career”.

According to Maria Baugh-Horstman, Barrios Launch Internship Program Director at Barrios, “The Barrios Intern Program saw another successful summer with a larger intern class than last year and the addition of interns on our CPSS PC contract in Huntsville, Alabama. Aside from working on their projects, the interns were exposed to varied experiences such as touching a piece of Mars and the Moon, learning how NASA does risk analysis, and getting a tour beneath NASA’s vacuum Chamber A. My favorite aspect of the Intern Program is not only watching the interns grow in their technical skills over the summer, but to also witness them forming long-lasting friendships”.

Visit our Early Careers job listings to find out more about the internship opportunities on offer and apply for our 2024 summer internships. Join our Barrios Family to gain hands-on experience, learn from experts in the field and collaborate with teams that do truly amazing things.

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