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Barrios maintains Engineering Technology and Sciences contract with Jacobs beyond 17-year run

July 7, 2022 -- Barrios Technology is proud to announce its continuing role as a sub-contractor to Jacobs Technology, who has been awarded the Johnson Space Center (JSC) Engineering Technology and Sciences II (JETS II) prime contract, which supports the development of human spaceflight and flight development products, as well as NASA's planning of human exploration missions and technology transfer efforts.

As a long-term partner to Jacobs, Barrios will maintain its 17-year run to provide services that include engineering design, development, sustaining engineering, analysis and assessment, technology development, test services, laboratory and facility operation and maintenance, planetary mission and physical science research, and astromaterial curation.

“We congratulate Jacobs on this successful recompete and are thrilled to partner with them once again. Over the past few years, under the management of Duane Radicioni, Barrios has delivered extraordinary value to its customers. Our team will maintain these high levels of excellence as Maria Baugh-Horstman steps in as the Barrios lead on the contract,” says Kelly Page, President of Barrios Technology.

The contract, which supports the JSC’s Engineering Directorate and Astronomical Research and Exploration Science Directorate, will commence on October 1 with a total potential performance period of 10 years.

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