Carrie Gilder receives JSC Director’s Innovation Award

Carrie Gilder receives JSC Director’s Innovation Award

Carrie Gilder receives JSC Director’s Innovation Award

On June 26, Carrie Gilder, Communications and Research Integrator/Editor on our Human Space Flight Technical Integration Contract (HSFTIC) received the Johnson Space Center (JSC) Director’s Innovation Award, which recognizes individuals who have shown innovation through the development or implementation of positive changes in the operations or the programs of NASA or the JSC in business practices, science, technology, engineering, medicine, and education within the Center.

As Carrie explains, in her job, she wears a number of ‘hats’. “I provide support to multiple teams, including science editor for the ISS Science Communications team and administrative support for NASA’s Client Support offices. I also have expertise in process improvement and computer application requirements definition, which I have an opportunity to use from time to time.”

Carrie Gilder with Kevin Hames, who nominated her for the award.

Carrie received the JSC Director’s Innovation Award for innovative technical and administrative support to ISS Research Portfolio Managers (RPMs), by developing an application that defines requirements to integrate data and thereby, enabling timely and organized documentation of science driven integration processes.

She goes on to say, “I also shepherded the application through the implementation process, then worked with the team to implement processes to make the ongoing payload assignment and reassignment process more streamlined.  In addition, I continue to work with the groups to provide administrative support and find ways to streamline what I can to make their jobs that much easier.

“I am grateful to have been nominated and recognized.  The work is, as always, a team effort, and being recognized in this way is both humbling and meaningful. I am also grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to work with amazing, talented people with all types of expertise while working for contractors at NASA for more than 30 years. NASA JSC truly is a great place to work!” concludes Carrie.

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