Innovation and the desire to find solutions epitomizes recipients of the 3rd Quarter Silver BEAR Awards

Innovation and the desire to find solutions epitomizes recipients of the 3rd Quarter Silver BEAR Awards

Innovation and the desire to find solutions epitomizes recipients of the 3rd Quarter Silver BEAR Awards

April 20, 2023: As part of our continuing focus on delivering superior performance, Barrios Technology has announced the recipients of the 2022 3rd quarter Silver BEAR (Barrios Employee Award and Recognition) Awards. These six individuals – David Bach, Sadie Barnett-Boudreau, Kevin Beaulieu, Justin Doyle, Julie Pace and Amy Schellhase – embrace Barrios’ ethos of being proactive, innovative and continuously looking for process improvements and efficiencies.

David BachDavid Bach, PAM Integration Project Manager on HSFTIC, has been acknowledged for the significant contributions made to the integration and success of the first Private Astronaut Mission (PAM) to the International Space Station (ISS), Ax-1. He developed and maintained the integrated master schedule; provided tracking and integration for Data Requirements Document (DRD) management; and developed, managed, and executed the requirement verification and validation process. Each of these products and processes were created and worked on from scratch to support a short mission integration template. NASA found David’s support critical to the success of Ax-1. His dedication and high level of performance demonstrates Barrios’ commitment to extraordinary value.

Sadie-Barnett-BoudreauSadie Barnett-Boudreau, Data Solutions Lab Tech Lead on HSFTIC, receives the Silver BEAR Award for continuously going above and beyond in leading the Data Solutions Lab with dashboard design, database management, customer relations, and training/support sessions. In 2022, Sadie designed and released the Flight Freeze dashboard in Polaris, which is being used by over 50 HSFTIC users to monitor scheduled availability for database and application releases in the ISS Production Facility (IPF). The HSFTIC IT team has been able to significantly reduce the amount of manual work and effort required to manage the scheduled freezes based on Flight Plan vehicle traffic and events. Sadie’s work stands out above the crowd, exemplifying her qualities as a proactive problem solver with an unfaltering drive and team mentality.

Kevin Beaulieu Silver BEARAs the Lead Analyst for the Image Science team supporting NASA’s Artemis 1 mission, Kevin Beaulieu, has been recognized for effectively preparing the team to perform critical imagery analysis. To do so, he ensured that optical targets were placed on the vehicle in specific locations and that pre-flight images were captured, gathered cheat sheets and graphics of image locations as well as simulated imagery and organized training materials for mission simulations provided. Kevin has also supported nearly every Orion integrated simulation and produced CAD-based imagery to simulate on-orbit damage for several of the simulations. Through his daily interactions with his team and customers, he demonstrates the knowledge necessary to perform his duties with expertise.

Justin Doyle, Lifecycle Review Lead on HSFTIC, received his award for leading the planning, integration and execution of the Gateway Program level Preliminary Design Review (PDR) Informed Sync Review. This review was a crucial step in the lifecycle of the Gateway program and was the first PDR for a Tightly Coupled Program entirely coordinated by a contractor at NASA. Intense collaboration and coordination were required to reach this PDR milestone, which would not have been accomplished without Justin’s ability to successfully communicate with and accommodate a diverse set of stakeholders. He demonstrated great leadership while meeting all of the Agency requirements for entrance and success criteria.

Julie Pace, Strategic Assessment Analyst on HSFTIC, was recognized for completing short turnaround assessments supporting the Exploration Systems Development Mission Directorate (ESDMD) and Space Operations Mission Directorate (SOMD) requests to modify Orion Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) data to work with alternative Artemis manifests and funding profiles. She balanced personal responsibilities, under high pressure, to deliver these products on schedule. Without her ability to organize complex financial data, the PPBE restructuring effort would not have been completed successfully. These inputs were critical to proper forecasting of funding as the Artemis campaign moves forward. Julie works very well with her HSFTIC PP&C team bringing forth ideas, maintaining expectations, and communicating the status of her work.

Amy Schellhase, Orion Payload & Cargo Integration Lead on HSFTIC, has been recognized for her exceptional support of the Artemis I program’s Orion payloads and cargo processing and installations for flight. Her level of performance has been outstanding as she repeatedly rearranged her personal schedule to travel to Kennedy Space Center (KSC), often with very little notice, to provide on-site support to Exploration Ground Systems (EGS) for payload installs. In addition, she demonstrated an outstanding ability to “make things work” when faced with late breaking requests and modifications. Amy’s efforts will ensure that valuable scientific data is gathered during the Artemis I mission that will help inform and prepare for future crewed flights; and her work on cargo items will significantly contribute to agency outreach efforts and help ensure that Artemis I will be experienced worldwide.

The BEAR Awards Program recognizes superior performance and outstanding support of customer and company goals. Each quarter, outstanding employees are selected to receive the Silver Award. Silver award winners automatically qualify for the annual Gold award, which is presented at an annual awards and recognition reception.