Barrios’ 2022 4th Quarter Silver BEAR Awards recognize recipients with ‘big picture’ thinking

Barrios’ 2022 4th Quarter Silver BEAR Awards recognize recipients with ‘big picture’ thinking

Barrios’ 2022 4th Quarter Silver BEAR Awards recognize recipients with ‘big picture’ thinking

June 30, 2023: Barrios Technology is extremely proud to announce the recipients of the 2022 4th quarter Silver BEAR (Barrios Employee Award and Recognition) Awards. The four individuals and one team – Jackie Almanza, Colin Brown, Christi Evans, Sarah Hornbuckle and gCAMMP Team – reflect Barrios’ dedication to achieving the mission of our customer through our innovative and passionate workforce. The efforts of our recipients reflect our ability to think ‘big picture’ and be proactive in all that we do.

Jackie Almanza, CM Specialist on the Human Space Flight Technical Integration Contract

Jackie Almanza, CM Specialist on the Human Space Flight Technical Integration Contract (HSFTIC), is a member of the HSFTIC Configuration and Data Management (CDM) team and has played a key role in the standardization and streamlining of several CM processes and tools, including transition of various modules from Legacy COSMOS to New COSMOS. She did an outstanding job in defining approx. 600 requirements, documenting user stories for each requirement, leading UAT, managing the project schedule, communication and developing training material. This capability will enhance the change control process specifically around data security, while eliminating several manual steps, minimizing restricted data leaks, maintaining data integrity and resulting in significant time savings on the contract. Her contributions to CM and continued support to the Program and her team members is exemplary and has had a positive impact on the overall ISS Configuration Management (CM) System.

Colin Brown – Mission Design Engineer on JETS II

Colin Brown, Mission Design Engineer on JETS II, receives the Silver BEAR Award for the consistent delivery of high quality, mission-critical, products and tireless dedication to mission support as a Trajectory Analysis, RetarGeting, and Optimization Officer (TARGO). He directly supported the Artemis-1 mission through countless iterations of analysis and planning in preparation for launch. He continued his service to NASA by spending many long days and nights in mission control on the TARGO console ensuring mission success from launch day to reentry. His team and customers know Colin to be a solid engineer who gets things done, and gets them done right. EG5 Deputy Branch Chief, Jeff Gutkowski, says, “He came on board at just the right time, and I rely on him to provide critical functions. The team would definitely be pretty behind in being ready for Artemis I if Colin wasn’t as good as he is”.

Christi Evans – ISS Consumables Integration Engineer on HSFTIC


Christ Evans, ISS Consumables Integration Engineer on HSFTIC, received her award for her consistent expertise when analyzing the on-board station crew consumables. Her knowledge and diligent thinking proved essential during the critical times that accompanied Increment 68. Christi’s accurate and on-time analyses and recommendations, via the weekly food reports she created, provided the insight necessary to make timely and critical decisions about the safety of the on-board crew. Christi’s analysis, daily integration with multiple stakeholders, and recommendations allowed the Program to make informed decisions until the food levels were restored above reserves. TC Judd, OC4 Mission Resource Integration and Operations Food Lead, stated, “Christi’s analyses, observations, coordination between stakeholders, and recommendations to the Space Food Systems Laboratory (SFSL) and the ISS Program have proven absolutely essential to the success of the ISS Food program”.

Sarah Hornbuckle – Project Coordinator on CPSS PC

Project Coordinator on CPSS PC, Sarah Hornbuckle, has been recognized as a key player in the NASA Space Launch System (SLS) Systems Engineering Integration Office (SEIO) as the lead project coordinator. SEIO is responsible for overall integration of the SLS launch vehicle. Within SEIO, Sarah supported most of the major milestone reviews leading up to, and including, the successful launch of Artemis I. She provided critical support to the Mission Management Team (MMT) for MSFC, which included multiple flight simulations, wet dress rehearsals, launch attempts, flight readiness reviews, and MMT meetings. Her support to the Certification of Flight Readiness (COFR) working group and planning task teams has been invaluable. Sarah is a key player on the SLS SEIO team, and her contributions have been critical to the team’s success.

Jacob Wade (left with Mark Polansky) and Nathaniel Routh – gCAMMP Team




gCAMMP Team (Sierra Matlock, Nathaniel Routh and Jacob Wade), Systems Integration Engineers on the Gateway team at HSFTIC. The Gateway Configuration Analysis Modeling and Mass Properties (gCAMMP) Team met demanding delivery schedules and quick turnaround times during a period of team rebuilding that required an intense learning curve for new team members. The team’s pioneering implementation of mass properties reports based on incremental changes and strategic integration of spacecraft elements have been recognized by the customer based on quality, persistence, and response time. gCAMMP team also developed a new CAD assembly process and analytical scripts that reduced time for reporting shadowing results from six weeks to one week.

The BEAR Awards Program recognizes superior performance and outstanding support of customer and company goals. Each quarter, outstanding employees are selected to receive the Silver Award. Silver award winners automatically qualify for the annual Gold award, which is presented at an annual awards and recognition reception.

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