Exceptional Teamwork: The Key to Success for our 2023 3rd Quarter Silver BEAR Awards Winners

Exceptional Teamwork: The Key to Success for our 2023 3rd Quarter Silver BEAR Awards Winners

Exceptional Teamwork: The Key to Success for our 2023 3rd Quarter Silver BEAR Awards Winners

As part of our core value of Barrios Family, we undertake to act as a team. This commitment, displayed by all our 2023 3rd Quarter Silver BEAR Award recipients – Bill Askew, Luke Perez, Mark Burkett, Brian Roadruck, Braden Robinson, Ricardo Torres, Kristin Wisenbaler and the SDIL Operations and Test Support (SOTS) IT Systems Team (Nick Distefano, Xiao Liu, Stephine Nava, and Kyle Rhorer) – has been the key to their success.

In addition to our focus on finding process improvements and efficiencies, our exceptional teamwork has resulted in implementation success and exceeded the expectations of our customers.

Bill Askew & Luke PerezBill Askew, Senior Software Engineer (now retired) and Luke Perez, HW/SW Integration Engineer, on the Boeing Engineering and Technical Support Services (BETS II) contract were instrumental in implementing the Portable Computer System (PCS) loading over network in the Software Development Integration Laboratory (SDIL). A process improvement that not only saves significant man hours but is also more cost efficient and reliable.

They strategically planned the process to provide the simplest, time efficient way of performing the loading process, while reducing the risk of installation errors. The simplicity of the process also improves the ability to train backup personnel. Their objectives were met, and a quality product was provided, despite the obstacles. Bill and Luke have been described as “professional, possess good work ethics and are team players”.

Mark BurkettMark Burkett, Wide Area Network Team Lead on our Human Space Flight Technical Integration Contract (HSFTIC) – Russia, has led multiple internal and external technical teams to develop a Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure to support the ISS Program. He demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and used good judgement to ensure the tasks and activities were completed in a timely manner.  He has been credited for “always being a team player that allows his staff and peers to share thoughts and ideas openly towards identifying best possible solutions to any situation”.

Brian RoadruckAs IT Security – Team Lead on HSFTIC – Russia, Brian Roadruck has led multiple internal and external technical teams to develop and put into production email infrastructure to support onboard ISS Crew. His level of performance throughout the project remained very high and focused, while initiating work across multiple disciplines to achieve the quality required for the project. Being a strong team player enabled Brian to hold several contract teams together to execute the plan and achieve successful implementation.

Braden RobinsonWith his ability to consistently assist and build up the team around him, Braden Robinson, EVA Flight Controller on our Integrated Mission Operations Contract (IMOC III), receives his award for exceptional leadership. From his early days in the Flight Operations Division (FOD) Extravehicular Activities (EVA) branch, he has been recognized by the NASA customer for taking on the EVA leadership of Collins Exploration Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Services (xEVAS) work. The support he provides to his team, division, contract and customer go above and beyond expectations, while his positive attitude and outlook enables him to lead the team through complex situations.

Ricardo TorresRicardo Torres, SDIL Operations and Test Support (SOTS) Lab Hardware Engineer (LHE) on the BETS II contract, has been recognized for his exceptional dedication and selfless participation in the Exploration Atmosphere Studies that directly benefits the Artemis II Crew during their 10-day lunar journey. His commitment to pushing physical boundaries and optimizing atmospheric conditions for the Artemis Crew exemplifies his dedication to exceeding expectations of the ARES Scientist and Researchers. Ricardo’s willingness to play a larger role in shared commitment to astronaut safety and mission success demonstrates the power of teamwork in overcoming challenges and achieving exceptional results.

Kristin WisenbalerAs Halo Ground Logistics/Scheduler on HSFTIC, Kristin Wisenbaler is an integral part of the HALO Project team that proactively and independently identifies project related challenges and helps mitigate project threats. She most recently served as a Gateway (GW) Habitation and Logistics Outpost (HALO) project scheduling specialist before volunteering to take on a new challenge in the role of Ground Logistics Support Specialist. Kristin is described as “team oriented and goes about her work in a manner that promotes team and project success”.

SOTS IT TeamThe SOTS IT Systems Team consisting of Nick Distefano, Xiao Liu, Stephine Nava, and Kyle Rhorer, on BETS II are well-deserving of this award for their proactive initiative in developing a solution that provides remote access to valuable software development assets, saving significant costs and greatly enhancing efficiency for the Commercial Partners. The team’s synergy was integral to the project’s success. By combining their skills and expertise, they developed an innovative solution that exceeded customer expectations and showcased the effectiveness of their teamwork.

The BEAR Awards Program recognizes superior performance and outstanding support of customer and company goals. Each quarter, outstanding employees are selected to receive the Silver Award. Silver award winners automatically qualify for the annual Gold BEAR award.

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